Mussio Goodman Obtains Over $250,000 For Client At Trial

Posted on by Mussio Goodman

Mussio Goodman is pleased to announce our success in the decision court decision of Sohal v. Singh, 2017 BCSC 734.

Our client was awarded $252,431.79 in damages resulting from a car accident which occurred on November 26, 2011, where she sustained a fractured kneecap resulting in ongoing chronic, knee and leg pain.

Mr. Justice Skolrood agreed that Ms. Sohal, a 53 years old widow, was entitled to a pain and suffering award of $80,000, as well as $44,000 in past wage loss from her job as a cook, and a further $75,000 for loss of future income earning capacity on the basis that she may need to retire earlier than planned due to her ongoing chronic pain.

The Court also recognized that a person is entitled to compensation for their loss of ability to maintain their household, even where family members residing with them have stepped in to assist in lieu of hired help.

The Court awarded Ms. Sohal $40,000 for a past and future loss of housekeeping capacity based on the fact that she was physically unable to maintain her home in the same fashion as before the accident in the years leading up to the trial and that she would also be limited in this regard in the future.

The Court also awarded $12,000 for other aspects of future care, including a supervised exercise program and a gym pass.

Achieving success such as this at trial requires the judgment and experience of trial lawyers who are able to articulate and argue the relevant legal principles that apply to the case.  We we have the experience, knowledge and confidence to advance a case through the various stages of the lawsuit and all the way to trial.