Whiplash and Chronic Pain

Whiplash symptoms are often not apparent until many hours or days after an accident

“Whiplash” is an injury to the ligaments, tendons and muscles in your neck and back. Such injuries are commonly caused by the application of sudden force to the neck, as when, for example, the victim is struck from behind by another vehicle.

Whiplash symptoms are often not apparent until many hours or days after an accident. This can be due to the effects of adrenaline, or the presence of more obvious injuries, such as cuts or broken bones, that tend to attract more immediate attention from both victims and doctors.

Nobody truly understands the impact of whiplash until they have experienced it for themselves. This painful and often debilitating injury can arise from even a relatively mild collision, and can result in chronic pain lasting from months to years to the rest of the victim’s life.

In spite of this, some insurance companies have instituted a strict “Low Velocity Impact” (LVI) policy, the purpose of which is to deny any injury claim arising from collisions that result in minimal physical damage to the vehicle.

However, there is no scientific or medical support for LVI policy, and we are therefore committed to ensuring our clients’ injuries are acknowledged and fairly compensated for. At Mussio Goodman Hamilton, we have the experience and commitment to overcome the LVI defence.

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