Successful Cases


We settle more than 98% of claims before trial, and ultimately the decision to go to court is always up to client.

While we do not publish the results of our settlements, we believe that insurance companies understand that we are a firm that is always willing to take a claim to trial, and this results in higher settlements for all of our clients.

Published Cases

Below is a selected sample of the cases we have taken to court over the last several years.


  • Montazamipoor v. Parkread more


  • Morgan v Ziggiottiread more
  • Gill v Borutskiread more
  • D'Arcy v. Salimyread more
  • Debruyn v. Kimread more
  • McColl v Sullivanread more
  • Tompkins v Meistersread more


  • McColl v. Sullivanread more
  • Cox v. Acapulcoread more


  • Webber v. Sullivanread more


  • Sohal v. Singhread more
  • Ackermann v Pandherread more
  • Raptis v. Chalabianiread more


  • Watson v. Waldron et alread more
  • Sharma v. Sharma Estateread more
  • Ciarniello v. Jamesread more


  • George v. Doe, read more
  • Han v. Park (Court of Appeal)read more


  • Niedermeyer v Charlton (Court of Appeal)read more
  • ICBC v Stainton Ventures (Court of Appeal)read more
  • Beggs v. Stoneread more
  • K v. Co-operators Life Insurance Comapnyread more


  • Kuma-Mintah v Delangeread more
  • Laszlo v Lawtonread more
  • Lees v Comptonread more
  • Heyman v South Coast BC Transport Authorityread more
  • Quillen v Linnearead more
  • Yushchenko v Costaread more
  • Lee v Chingread more
  • Poitras v Akesterread more


  • Sun v Sukhan et alread more
  • Everett v Solvasonread more
  • Terry Robinson v. David Noyes et al read more
  • Wahl v Sidhuread more


  • Bradshaw v Matwick (Court of Appeal)read more
  • Varesi v Cadelinaread more
  • James v Gillisread more
  • T.L.S. v ICBC, 2011 UMP Arbitrationread more
  • Gowler v Ngoread more
  • Soczynski v Cairead more


  • Mills v Seifried (Court of Appeal)read more
  • Lee v Mcleanread more
  • Freidooni v Freidooniread more
  • Wahl v Sidhuread more


  • Mills v Seifriedread more
  • Forstved v Pennerread more
  • Dalziel v Applebyread more
  • Dieter v Briggsread more


  • Buksh v Miles (Court of Appeal)read more


  • Chow v Buttersread more
  • W. v Morinread more


  • Bjornson v Macdonaldread more


  • O. v P. et alread more

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