Jury Awards Our Client $216,500 After Insurance Company Offered Zero Dollars Before Trial

Posted on by Mussio Goodman

Mussio Goodman is pleased to announce that, after a two week trial conducted by our lawyers, the jury awarded our client $216,500 for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical expenses.

This jury award comes after the insurer refused to settle for any compensation whatsoever for the injuries that our client, Dainya Watson, sustained in an accident on January 11 2013. On that day, Ms. Watson was traveling on horseback along the shoulder of a road in Langley when she was struck by a driver that refused to stop after the collision. The impact caused both her and the horse to fall, causing injury to both.

The insurer’s simple argument was that, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, our client should not be believed, and that an accident never even happened. Meanwhile, our client continues to receive multiple injections along her spine to help alleviate her pain.

Thankfully, in Ms. Watson’s case, the jury rejected the insurer’s assertion that our client should not be trusted, and compensated her for what she deserved.