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Recent legal decisions for Mussio Law Group clients.

Mussio Law Prevents Second Insurance Company Medical Examination of the Plaintiff

Posted on by Mussio Goodman

There are two ways ICBC can compel an injured claimant to attend an examination by a doctor of ICBC’s choosing. The first is pursuant to a claim for Part VII or “no-fault” benefits, whereby a claimant is receiving reimbursement for treatment expenses or ongoing wage loss, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. […]

Mussio Law Defeats Insurer’s Low Velocity Defense at Trial

Posted on by Mussio Goodman

Nobody truly understands the impact of whiplash until they have experienced it for themselves. This painful and often debilitating injury can arise from even a relatively mild collision, and can result in chronic pain lasting from months to years to the rest of the victim’s life. In spite of this, ICBC has instituted a strict […]